Community Futures Trust CIC is able to offer you training and support on a host of topics (see below) plus bespoke courses to meet particular requirements. We can also run Away Days, SWOT sessions, Organisation Health Checks, undertake development work, community research and meet many other needs of Voluntary Organisations, including:

Community Research including design and development of qualitative and quantitative tools, analysis and report writing.

Project Development for voluntary and statutory organisations, using effective action planning and project management methods to move projects forwards with the support of key stakeholders.

Strategic Planning for voluntary and statutory organisations, using needs, organisational health and SWOT analysis methods.

Problem Solving, helping organisations identify effective solutions to problems large and small using a needs-focused approach.

Networking for organisations to make appropriate links and develop partnership agreements to deliver improved services.

Design of leaflets, letterheads, posters, websites and other marketing methods.

Information and Communications Technology, getting the most from hardware, software and the internet, particularly in improving efficiency, monitoring and evaluation.

People Management, delivering effective supervision and appraisal for employees and volunteers and non-managerial and profession supervision for workers.

Managing change, helping organisations successfully implement changes in structure, procedure, government or focus.

Fundraising. Probably our most sought after offering with support on bidding for grants, events, developing donor bases, legacies, sponsorship and social enterprise. We have particular expertise, and success, in applying to Lottery funders.

Training, including:

Recruitment & Selection;

Supervision & Appraisal (of staff and volunteers);

Working with Groups;

Team Building Skills;

Decision Making Skills;

Time Management;

Action Planning and Target Setting;

Business Planning;

Managing Change;

Activity Planning - a structured approach;

Fundraising from Grant makers;

Fundraising from Events;

Communication & Motivation Skills;

Mentoring Skills;

Researching Needs;

Presentation Skills;

Effective Evaluation and Monitoring;

Problem Solving;

Recording and Reporting;

Basic Sales and Marketing;

Responding to Bullying;

Responding to Eating Disorders;

Responding to Substance Misuse;

Dealing with Discrimination;

Faith and Cultural Awareness;

Developing Inter-faith Work;

Youth Participation;

Community Engagement/Involvement;

Recruitment of Trustees;

Effective Governance;

Chairing Meetings;

Developing Policy and Procedures;

Dignity at Work